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adzapper ad-removal software

adzapper is a software application that can block ads from being displayed on your web browser. Instead of ad banners, you see blank spaces: adzapper transforms the ads into transparent gifs- or filters them out entirely.

The rules that describe what are ads and what are not ads are called "zaplets", and are configurable on a per-website basis. This way, when websites change their ads or their graphic design, it is easy to build and share new zaplets that block the ads.




adzapper has been tested on:

It should also work on any Unix platform that Python runs on.



Please see Installing and About adzapper for information on installing and using adzapper.



Download adzapper for Linux or Unix: adzapper-0.4.0.tar.gz
To install adzapper on Linux or Unix, you will need Python. Most Linux systems have it; if you don't, get it here:

Download adzapper for Windows NT/98/95: not available at the moment
This is a self-installing executable that includes everything you will need to run it.

Here is what is new since the last release.


Please note that the zaplet file format has changed again, as of adzapper-0.3.0.
Zaplets now use a completely XML-based file format. This format is incompatible with previous zaplet file formats. All zaplets in the current repository have been converted to this format. The current version of adzapper has a web-interface for editing XML zaplets and conversion programs for your existing zaplets.

Here is my to-do list for adzapper.



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